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A Day in the Life of a Mermaid on Roatan

If you read my last Day in the Life post you know I headed off-island for a little while. But since I know how much you guys love these little peeks into daily life, I figured this is a perfect opportunity to bring in some guest bloggers to show you what daily life looks like for other expats. After all, we have different experiences based on whether we’re working or retired, new to the island or lifers, etc.

So this week, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Deb. She and her husband, Bill, bought land in Roatan in 2007 while on vacation and finally moved into their custom-built home in 2014 after retiring from work back in the States. They have done amazing work on the home and their views are simply stunning. Their home is on the East End of Roatan (though just barely over the line), which is an entirely different area than where I live. But that’s not why I asked Deb to blog here today. I asked her because she absolutely cracks me up. In typical entertaining Deb style, get ready for details on dogs, drinks, and…depilatory.



A Leisurely Sunday

A day of leisure has managed to evade us for quite some time. For the last 2 months our lives have been sheer pandemonium (7 pups born to a rescued dog who had to have her leg amputated). This was the first day since the pups that we were without guests from the States and without a puppy sitter, that we dared to both leave home together.

I got up and visited with the puppies at a decent time this morning – it was Bill’s morning to get up at 5:30 and let them off the porch – I got to sleep until 7:00. I covet sleep, not having gotten much of it in 8 weeks.

After some smooches on the 3 remaining pups and feeding them their breakfast with yogurt, I made myself breakfast. I decided to wash our bedding so I enjoyed my cup of tea on the deck looking out over the north and south shores while the washing machine did its thing.

Roatan rescue animals

My boys

The pups all went down the steps to the yard to potty so I followed, tea cup still in my hand. I was greeted by umpteen numbers of dog poop piles. We have 4 big dogs plus 3 pups = massive poop. I chugged the rest of my tea and grabbed the shovel. It’s funny but these boys are like a chain reaction, one poops, they all poop, sometimes in two different spots per poop. Let’s spread the poop around. I am obsessed with cleaning up the poop IMMEDIATELY. So obsessed that I actually considered having the dogs poop on the shovel instead of the grass or stones. Then I considered the emotional ramifications for the pups and I’m still following their hunched over backs and puckered poopers just waiting for the next pile to be expelled.

I got the yard all cleaned up, they had played and were passed out so I came back inside to do some chores. I threw the sheets in the dryer and washed the dishes, dried them and put them away, just in time to make another mess. I had to make rum balls for a party we were going to. I realized we were running late after I got the rum balls ready so while I was making the bed, I used a depilatory on my legs. Except I forgot to time it.

problems living on an island

Oh well, may have to shave a bit too..

I am the queen of multi-tasking. I got the bed all made, jumped in the shower to wash the stuff off my legs and use a quick razor where I missed…

I still had to feed the puppers before we left, dry my hair and brush my teeth. I got the pups fed and by then I was sweating like a chased pig. I managed to use my Sonic Care toothbrush and my hair dryer at the same time. I was semi successful with both. Do you know you can’t stand a Sonic Care toothbrush up and hover your mouth over it? It DOES NOT work. Trust me.

All of a sudden it was noon and we were leaving with our friends to go to a party, boat access only, and they have a boat!! We had our cooler with some beer and wine and rum balls and we were ready to go.

Roatan porch view

One friend’s porch

Roatan view from home

View from the other friend’s porch

We made it there in just a few minutes from Oak Ridge, tied the boat up and walked over to the party. There are 2 couples who live in 2 pink houses on this spit of land and it is a perfectly pink paradise.

Roatan beachfront home

Their private beach

We got to see friends, ate some fabulous food, had some drinks and enjoyed the surroundings. It is absolutely gorgeous over there and I will be headed back soon with my fins and camera for some serious snorkeling…resident eel and octopus here I come.

expats in Roatan

Can anyone spot my drink for the day?

This was a superb break from all the hectic things that have been going on in our lives and while I would like to say everyday spent on this glorious island is this tranquil and this much fun, it would be a lie. However, even with the difficulty of doing somethings (most things), we are still surrounded by beauty and calm in each direction we look. How we choose to appreciate it is up to us.

Leisurely Sundays spent with friends, old and new, can’t ever be a bad thing. I’m so happy we’re getting back to a point where we can go and have fun again!

I want to thank Deb for not only making me laugh all the time, but also for helping out and providing this glimpse into her daily life on Roatan. Don’t forget to check out her blog, Mermaid on a Raft!


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