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A Day in the Life of the Irish-Colombian on Roatan

Amanda Walkins and Jonathan Clarkin scuba diving in Roatan

In keeping with my new theme of Daily Life guest posts while I’m off-island, I think it’s about time you hear more from my Irish-Colombian in his own words. I couldn’t convince him to sit down and write it out, but I did take notes during our Skype conversation. So for this week, get ready for a day in the life of the Irish-Colombian on Roatan!

freediving Roatan

“Can you hear me?” he asks through a fuzzy Skype connection.

“Yup! Go ahead…tell me about your day.”

“Umm, okay, well I woke up around 6am and woke Lina up. I have to give her time to stretch and get ready before we go for a walk so I made myself some breakfast. Why is she so lazy??”

rescue dog

Lina’s “It’s too early to get up” reaction. Hide your face and maybe you can sleep longer…

“She really is pathetic…What’d you eat?”

“Just a bowl of porridge, a few eggs, a protein shake, and tea.”

“Oh, that’s all?”

“Yeah. So, anyway, we walked around the neighborhood.”

“Did you see any of her friends?”

“Yup, Diego came out to say hi, and that one on the hill you called Don Juan for a while.”


“Yeah, Lucas. He came out to say hi. I think he really likes Lina but she couldn’t be arsed with him.”


dogs of Roatan

Lucas, AKA Don Juan, loves greeting Lina at his fence with a smile.

“And we ran into Paul and Soden walking Kayla, so we walked home with them so Kayla could lounge on the beach. Lina was pooped, she sat there panting her face off because she’s just pathetic. I called you, and then I went to work.”

“On the scooter? Is it working now?”

“I broke the kickstand but it still kind of stands up.”

“Can you stop acting like The Hulk please?”

“Yeah, I’m trying. So anyway, drove to work, dodging the traffic and driving down the beach to the shop. I parked next to all the chickens running around and below that parrot that’s always calling out random things.”

“What is he even saying?!”

“No idea most of the time. My 4 students were coming in for the second dive, so I said my good mornings all around, and then helped load the boat for the first dive. I did stuff around the shop while waiting for my students, and then we headed out for their Open Water 3 dive at Mandy’s Eel Garden. It had been raining a ton so it was actually a bit murky, but they had a blast.”

Caribbean dive instructor

The Irish-Colombian SCUBA Instructor in all his glory

“We went back to the shop, unloaded all the gear, and I headed home for lunch and to let Lina out.”

“Was she still tired from the walk?”

“Of course, she’s so lazy! I went back to the shop and loaded up the boat again for the next dive at El Aquario. That was their last certification dive so they were all excited.”

learn to dive Roatan divers

The Irish-Colombian and his family of students. Congrats, guys!

“They wanted to do a night dive that night, so after cleaning up all the gear I headed home again to take Lina out to the beach for a bit and I grabbed something to eat. Back to the shop, loaded up the boat, and after sunset we headed out to Blue Channel for an Adventure Night Dive.”

“What’d you see?”

“Oh lots of good stuff: an octopus, huge groupers sleeping, lots of urchins, some puffers, and some phosphorescence. It was almost a full moon so it was still quite bright, which is too bad. It would’ve been great on a darker night to see more phosphorescence. But they loved it. We headed back to the shop and cleaned up all the gear for the day.”

“So, just to inform everyone, how long was your workday today?”

“Got to work just before 8am and left after the night dive around 9pm. Oh! I stopped at the mini-mart on the way home to grab some eggs and the girl gave me a plastic bag to fill up from the huge carton of eggs they have on the shelf, you know? Well, I grabbed the first egg to put it in the bag and it exploded in my hand…”

“Seriously! Stop being The Hulk!”

“I know! But the girl could NOT stop laughing. She couldn’t control herself, I’ve never seen her laugh that hard. It was hilarious, but I felt bad for the mess.”

“You’re a hot mess.”

“I know. And then I ran into Brian and he bought me a beer. We’re both riding solo right now since Kirsty’s traveling, too.”

“So you’re saying you were both lonely?”

“We both just wanted a beer.”

“Fair enough.”

“And then I came home and called you!”

Jonathan Clarkin

He misses me…but he did probably also want a beer.

“Sweetheart, it’s almost 1am my time…”


“I’m glad you enjoyed your dives today.”

“Yeah, it was an awesome day.”

Scuba Roatan diving

He feels most at home underwater blowing bubbles. Can’t say I blame him. (Photo from Keith)

I want to thank my fish of a manfriend for letting me splash his life all over this blog generally, but especially today. It’s hard being away from someone who feels like a physical part of you. We are very thankful for video chats! So until I make it back to our little island paradise, this day in the life from my other half should keep you all entertained enough. Slainte!


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