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A Day in the Life on Roatan: Bad Weather in Paradise

It’s that time again – time for a sneak peek into daily life here on the island of Roatan. But guess what? It’s not always sunshine and unicorns…

It rained all morning. A dark, cold, heavy rain. It rained for hours, making neither Lina nor I inclined to venture out for a walk at all. I tried taking advantage of a short gap in the deluge, but ended up dragging her about 25 yards before she finally started dragging me back toward home and shelter. She hates to get wet, have I mentioned that?

Inside we sat, doors closed against the mosquitos trying to find shelter and warm blood. I drank cup after cup of crappy coffee because it was all I had left but I didn’t dare walk over to Fresh Bakery. I just would have gotten soaked to the bone, and probably slipped and spilled hot coffee all over myself (I’m a bit clumsy). It rained, and it poured. And you know what?

It was so very peaceful.

It was soothing to the Earth and to me. It was what we all needed to remind us that this gorgeous, lush jungle doesn’t water itself. It was what I needed to sit down and focus on some work instead of gazing for hours on end at the hues of the ocean and sky. It was perfect.

And just as suddenly, it was all over and the sun came out and the grass glistened and glittered with tiny water droplets dancing in the rays of light. The ocean gleamed and the birds sang new songs.

I still spent the rest of the day buckled down on work on the laptop, and stayed inside because the mosquitos are the worst after rain. A breeze blew through the house all afternoon, and when the Irish-Colombian finally came home, I realized how cool it had stayed inside because of that rain and the breeze that followed.

We relaxed all evening, neither of us having the energy nor desire to head out. Why leave when the sun sinks into the clouds on the horizon directly over our bay? Why leave when the fridge is stocked, the music is playing, and Lina just wants to be patted all night?

It was an incredibly productive day, yet still quite a lazy day. So, yes, even when the sun disappears, this is still paradise.

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