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A Day in the Life on Roatan: Chit-Chat and Diving

expats explore their new homes

It’s time for another Day in the Life on Roatan! And this is a good one, guys, so get ready…

I woke up to the sunshine and birds around 6am, managed to open my sleepy eyes and get up to take Lina for a walk through the neighborhood shortly thereafter. We stopped to chat with Diego and our furry friend on the hill – I think I’ll name him Don Juan. He’s adorable and Lina likes him, even though he tries to kiss her through the fence all the time.

Breakfast was homemade burritos: eggs, rice, veggies all wrapped up in a not fresh tortilla. I should learn to make my own tortillas…

Off we zoomed on good old Rusty the scooter headed into West End. Of course, we learned yesterday that the entire frame of our scooter is quite literally Rusty and falling apart, so that may prove to be a problem. But for now she’s still buzzing!

After some good morning chit-chat at Roatan Divers, I headed to Cafe Escondido, my preferred West End office. One delicious soy latte later and I was off again, taking a water taxi toward West Bay to stop at a new friend’s home to chat about her move to Roatan. She and her cousin both own homes in the same neighborhood (hear that, cousins of mine? Doesn’t that sound like a great plan??). After a few hours of gabbing and somewhat diligent note-taking on my part (totally counts as work!), I snagged another boat headed back toward West End from the end of their dock. Have I mentioned how convenient it is to live on the beach? Taking boats everywhere is just wonderful.

Lunch with the Irish-Colombian was at his office, which of course means a deck overlooking the ocean with hummingbirds buzzing around overhead. After that exhausting morning (sarcasm), I really just needed to relax. So I geared up and joined the afternoon dive!

Just outside of Half Moon Bay in West End, Dixie’s is a great dive site with lots of opportunities to see big stuff along the wall, as well as all the little things in the sandy patches. Enormous schools of blue chromis and tang were everywhere and I swear the French Angelfish were on steroids – they were HUGE! We watched several jawfish doing the dance of their people in and out of their holes in the sand (they go butt-first, and yes, it is as entertaining as you imagine). One diver enjoyed the company of his new friend, a shark sucker, for about 40 minutes of our dive. I can’t help but giggle every time I watch a fish chase another fish, because it always reminds me of Dory in Finding Nemo.

My Irish-Colombian leading the way during our safety stop

My Irish-Colombian leading the way during our safety stop

After the dive, we headed home to hang with Lina on the beach for a few hours before heading over to our friends’ house for dinner. Fresh tuna was the house special – we had just watched her fillet it on the back deck at Roatan Divers before leaving the shop.

Hours of great company and fun conversation later, we drove home on their scooter because they feared that our road would break old Rusty in half and refused to let us take the risk.

Good conversations, good diving, good food, and great friends. Can’t ask for anything else to possibly fit into a single day in paradise!

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