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A Day in the Life on Roatan: Word Documents and Cocktails

Amanda Walkins

I awoke this morning to a slight breeze, which was welcome relief after the stagnant heat yesterday. The temperatures were reading 105 F and the air was stifling. Unfortunately, it’s that time of year when they burn all the cane fields (and who knows what else) on the mainland, leaving a thick haze to hover over us for days on end. It makes the sunsets brilliantly bright red, but the days are heavy. This morning’s breeze offered a small respite.

It’s a really busy work week for me – a combination of new projects with the fact that last week was just a hot mess as I ended up waiting 11 days to get my internet fixed at home. That was a headache, but now we’re smooth sailing and the words are flowing out.

Project one is wrapping up, so I spent a few hours doing final edits and organizing final steps.

Project two is stressful, as I’m trying to figure out what to do about my website. It’s really expensive to design a new one altogether, but I really want to take that next professional step. Maybe I’ll crowdsource it…

Project three is all my International Living assignments. I have a monthly required assignment as their Roatan Correspondent, which I’ve already completed for April, but on top of that there are questions to be answered on their community forum and profiles to be written for their magazine. I’m finishing one up now that I just love. This couple is phenomenal!

My morning is filled with Word documents and new ways to track my time. I’ve just downloaded Rescue Time, so I’m quickly learning that I spend a lot of time getting distracted (like I needed an app for that…). But between visitors on the beach, Lina needing attention, and me needing food and endless coffee, I actually get up a lot. It’s not unlike working in an office with coworkers and delicious home-baked treats distracting you. But, I digress, getting distracted again…

Anything red is not productive...oops! But look at that late-night surge!

Anything red is not productive…oops! But look at that late-night surge!

Back to the Word documents and emails. Time for lunch – at 2:30! My how time flies. Lina refuses to come inside. I try to always bring her in while I’m cooking or showering because I’ve had to drop everything to run out and see what the commotion is all about when she loses her mind barking at who knows what. I learned my lesson when I ran out in a towel, hair all sudsy, only to find that she was upset about a plastic container being washed up on the beach. I guess she’s really protective of the environment? Plastic removed, she now stays inside during those particular times.

Back to the Word documents and emails – but here comes the Irish-Colombian! It’s only 3:20…that’s odd. No afternoon dive meant he got to duck out early, so he promptly nose-dives into the bed for a siesta when I tell him I’m super busy.

At 4:41 I finally get the post onto the blog, run into the shower, and head out the door with my helmet at 4:51. Impressive, no? He’s heading to a meeting for SSI in West Bay and I have a girls’ night planned at Samantha’s new house. Of course I didn’t cook anything, but chips and salsa always go over well!

We get to West End before 5 and I’m supposed to get picked up around 5:45…plenty of time to buy a few things and talk with everyone on the way. After multiple conversations with friends, a few passing comments thrown across the street to other friends, and stopping at 3 different mini-marts to finally find salsa, I head to The Landing for a cocktail with yet another friend who’s working there tonight. She serves me up a delicious rum punch – with coconut rum because why not – and I take care of a few social media things on my phone while I sip and wait.

You know what else made this delicious? Nutmeg! Never would’ve thought of adding that…

Behind me, I overhear a guy telling a girl about some blog he read by a girl who lives here, “A walk on the jog or something like that?” They wonder at the fact that I met some guy and just moved here. I still wonder at that, too! Isn’t life amazing…

I meet the girls on the street and we head to Sandy Bay on an adventure to find Sam’s new house. It’s huge! With a hillside location, her balcony offers an ocean view from the hammock. “I feel like I’m in a park!” Sarah comments as we all admire the neighborhood. It is lovely, and we spend the evening talking about travel, babies, and parasites. Krystal may or may not think the last two are synonymous, but she still adorably plays with the baby a few times during the night.

It doesn’t take much to make a day in the life on Roatan feel full of happiness and achievement, and I had both in spades today.

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