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A Day in the Life on Roatan: Kayaks and Lazy Days

Sometimes, it rains in paradise. We’ve already covered that topic, though, so let’s move on. Sometimes, it rains in paradise and conveniently matches up with your exhausted partner’s day off from work, so you have a lazy day. And it’s the best day.

The rain came with the start of June and hasn’t left too soon. So on the Irish-Colombian’s rare day off, we enjoyed a slow morning of cups of coffee, lounging with Lina, and watching YouTube clips from Smarter Every Day (if you haven’t seen those, go learn and enjoy!). We lazed and listened to the rain fall. You can practically watch the palm fronds change from yellowish back to green, and see the grass growing as the water replenishes the Earth. It smells incredible and you can hear the world spinning as sheets of rain pass through. Rainy days are magical.

Rainy days in the tropics are even more magical, because as quickly as the deluge begins, it can end in a sudden clarity of sunlight and birdsong. By afternoon the day was stunning, so we took advantage and dragged our lazy dog on a neighborhood walk. Though none of the usual suspects were out (probably all still hiding indoors since the ground was soggy), we enjoyed the mosey nonetheless. Having a morning confined indoors, we were ready to stretch our limbs.

The legs did some walking, so the arms needed some moving, too. The best solution for that: kayaking. The owners of our house have two kayaks, which reside in our front lawn. Since they’re not here and since we conveniently own two paddles anyway, it’s a win-win scenario: their kayaks get cleaned of leaves and bugs and we get to paddle around the front yard (our front yard is a bay, remember?).

View from home in Roatan

Have I mentioned that Lina loves being on the water? Certainly not in it – she hates that. But boats and docks are two of her favorite things ever. So I got her to hop on the back of my kayak and out we went for a spin around the bay. We ventured out through the channel to find the water so calm and glassy flat that you’d hardly notice you were in the ocean at all. We also went across the bay to check out the boat for sale. It’s out of our price range (the rubber dinghy we own is more our price range), but it’s an amazing find. Someday we’ll own a bigger boat…although if Lina had any say we would’ve just commandeered this one right away. She wouldn’t stop whining as we approached it!

boat for sale in Roatan

It seems a walk and a kayak are sufficient exercise for a lazy day. Well, at least for me, so I poured myself a glass of wine and started cooking dinner while the Irish-Colombian worked up a sweat in our makeshift gym. When you travel a lot, you get good at Macgyvering things. We have a weight belt for lifting and a few concrete posts found on the beach for bench pressing. We have a bag filled with sand and rings hanging from our roof. Resistance bands and a jump rope round out the gym routine, plus a yoga mat for just a little extra comfort while doing crunches (it isn’t getting used for yoga).

There are of course several gyms on Roatan, but his days off are so irregular and it’s not advised to exercise right before or after diving, so paying for a gym membership is less than ideal for an instructor. But a makeshift home gym is always open and free!

Dinner and a movie finished off a perfect lazy day in paradise. I even ignored my own work for the day…just another perk of working for myself!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we are still looking for good homes for the two little boy kittens we found abandoned last week! This is what my work day looks like now…

Roatan abandoned kittens

“More cuddles, less work, human.”

If you’d like to adopt one of these little lovebugs, please contact me! We cannot keep them and they need new homes within the next week, so please help us out!

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