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Best Car Rental Roatan

Best Rental Roatan

When you need a car to get around Roatan, I am more than happy to suggest Best Car Rental Roatan. I used this company twice for multi-day rentals recently and absolutely loved their service. Get this: they deliver the car to you. For NO extra charge! It’s fantastically convenient and I cannot praise these guys enough for that customer service.

Both cars I rented were in great condition, and a thorough check was done each time when an employee brought the car to me and when I returned it. The paperwork and the professionalism were up to par with large rental companies, but the service was so personalized.

I asked them to bring me a car to the entrance of West End the first time, and when we arranged for me to return the car they insisted that I just meet them at the entrance to my neighborhood so it would be more convenient for me. And THEN I even got a ride home when I told the guy I intended to walk back to the house! I mean, really. Customer service at its absolute best. I was floored.

For such service you might expect to pay premium prices, but these guys are extremely fair. For $50/day, I rented a Hyundai Elantra, which is wonderful on fuel and the perfect size to get around easily. They charge only $65/day for an SUV. That’s the best price around for an SUV as far as I know; I have rented an SUV from another company that charged me $75/day plus tax…and that was including a local discount!

You can check out some basic company information on their website, but it’s not as in-depth as what you’re probably used to with the larger U.S.-based companies. You know what you won’t get with one of those companies though? Delivery service…with a smile and a friendly conversation! What a welcome relief from companies that are too big and too busy to care.

Call Best Car Rental Roatan whenever you need a rental car. Their local number is 9978-4445. Even if nobody picks up, the owner will call you back and take good care of you. Have fun and be careful on the road!

*** Special shout-out to Saaya at Roatan Divers for recommending this company to me. She’s a wealth of information and she has also posted some fantastic blogs lately! ***

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