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Countdown to vacation: one week!

We leave our island paradise one week from today! Six weeks of family, friends, good food, new places, and no work. No work! I know that sounds silly since our “jobs” offer more flexibility and freedom than the office jobs most of humanity suffers through until retirement. And yet, the thought of not having to set an alarm clock is pretty amazing in and of itself.

So what’s the plan? We fly from Roatan to Toronto for my cousin’s wedding. A weekend of fun celebrations in Canada and then it’s an 8-hour drive through beautiful New England to Boston. We’ll have about a week of family gatherings, catching up with friends, and seeing some fun sites (he’s never been to the East Coast!). From there we’re headed to NYC for a few days, and then on to Washington, DC, for another week or so. More catching up, more having fun, and more marriage celebrating with my old roomie!

There will be lots of this

There will be lots of this…

...and lots of this

…and lots of this

It will be a whirlwind, but it doesn’t end there! Across the pond we’ll go, first to visit his family in Scotland for two weeks of traipsing around the countryside and/or hibernating, depending on how cold it actually is there. His parents have been trying to mentally prepare me for Scottish weather. I’m optimistic. I think we’ll see the sun at least once! From there to Dublin for a few days to visit more of his family and check out the city, and then it’s back to the island we call home.

Issues I anticipate during my trip to Scotland

Everyone loves a man in a kilt!

So there’s the basic outline, now let’s get to the details! Here are some things I’m looking forward to during our travels:

Having conversations with people that don’t involve lag. Pixelated faces get annoying really quickly.

Legitimate red meat, not whatever it is that they call “beef” here.

Having a washer/dryer at my disposal.

Beer on tap.


Farmers markets.

Street festivals.



Wine choices.

Trader Joe’s and Wholefoods.

Running on the Mall in DC.

Wandering all over with nowhere to be.

Happy hour reunions.

Trying to understand Scottish (it is not English…whatever it is they’re speaking is not English and I’m afraid I will need subtitles or a translator at all times)

Seeing Scotland the right way – with someone who lived there!

Checking out Dublin and reminding him every day that I am more Irish than he is. Because I am! Kind of.

Hugs. Because it doesn’t matter how many times we Skype or FaceTime or call or Gchat or Facebook message each other. A hug says a million times more and being with the people I love, especially after being away for a while, brings me so much joy.

Family, friends, and sharing all of it with my best friend.


This is truly going to be an epic adventure.