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Cubicle Throwdown’s Epic Roatan Review for Scuba Diving

In case you haven’t already found her through the interwebs (copyright Cousin Laura), Rika from Cubicle Throwdown offers TONS of great info on all things diving and all things Roatan. She started a new series called Roatan Reviews to highlight local establishments and offer her honest opinions (read a few of her blogs, she’s blunt and straight-forward about everything so you know the review is legitimate). She recently came to my dive shop and, well, basically I feel like a rockstar after reading her review.

In case you haven’t read it already, check out her review of Ocean Connections over at Cubicle Throwdown. And if you’re thinking of coming to Roatan to dive, to live, to work, etc, check out her incredibly valuable info first. Especially her guide to tipping divemasters and instructors.

Bonus: she made an awesome video of her first dive with us, so that’s always fun. Go check it out on the review! Thanks, Rika!