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Ever Onward, My Friends

I’ve not written much on the blog this year. It’s safe to say that 2016 was not my favorite and left me less than enthusiastic in many respects. While we had wonderful moments this year, we also had absolutely terrible ones. But, instead of going through each memory like I normally love to do, this year I prefer to look forward to what I hope will be better.

We have much to look forward to starting straight away in 2017! We’ll be moving to a new country, enjoying new experiences, and finally taking advantage of easy and cheap travel throughout Europe. This year didn’t allow us to do that, despite our plans and best efforts. After all the setbacks of 2016, we are beyond anxious to stretch our wings.

While I can’t promise tons more content around here, I can promise I’m busy writing away elsewhere. That’s partly why you see less frequent personal postings – I write all day for a living, so oftentimes I don’t feel inclined to write just for fun. Although given our big upcoming changes, I might just feel inspired to share! To give you a hint, we’ll be staying somewhere new for several months without paying rent. It’s a great way to travel!

I can also promise that I’ll be sharing photos of our lives and travels on Instagram. I’ll be sharing articles, random musings, and lots of content on Facebook. I’ll be sharing all that and more on Twitter. And all the while I’ll be writing for clients and other outlets.

Who knows what the future may hold…I certainly didn’t anticipate any of the things that happened to us in 2016. But, I’m choosing to hope. I’m hoping for much, much more in 2017.

I’m hoping that your 2017 is filled with whatever makes your heart happy.

I’m hoping that people will continue to see the good in each other and to set aside differences. I’m hoping that each of us does something to make the world a better place for everyone.

To borrow a favorite phrase I’ve learned from my British neighbors and friends, ever onward.