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Expat Stories: Buying a Beachfront Resort

Blue Bahia Roatan Resort

Expats choose their new homes based on a variety of factors. Those in Roatan say they love the laidback lifestyle, the stunning tropical scenery, and – of course – the weather. Fleeing winter up north is a common refrain for expats on this Caribbean island, including today’s highlighted expat.

Jeff Brewer spent too many winters buried under snow and dealing with icy winds in New York City. He, like so many fellow New Yorkers, griped about how horrible the weather was and how miserable he felt all winter.

Unlike many fellow New Yorkers, however, Jeff actually did something about it. He up and moved to a random Caribbean island and bought a resort. While that mean seem crazy to people up north, on Roatan, that’s pretty much the norm.

Read all about Jeff’s decision and the process to buy a beautiful beachfront resort in stunning Sandy Bay, Roatan, via my article in International Living.

(Edit: IL has since removed a ton of articles from their website, including this one. Sorry y’all can’t read it anymore!)

beachfront resort Roatan

Stay up-to-date with Jeff’s work at Blue Bahia Resort on their Facebook page, and be sure to book your stay early if you want to avoid the winter weather back home, too!

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