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Expat Stories: Owning a Rental Home in Roatan

owning a rental home in Roatan

My very first article for International Living magazine covered a Canadian snowbird couple who rented out the other half of their duplex year-round. Spoiler alert: we rented from them! Owning a rental home in Roatan can be a fantastic way to being living your island dream before you fully retire.

Lots of people snowbird in Roatan, coming for three winter months each year and renting their home for the remainder. For those with Canadian or U.S. passports, you will receive a tourist visa for up to 90 days upon arrival in Roatan. This makes it easy to visit for a few months during bad weather up north, without needing residency or special dispensation to stay.

It’s also easy to get to Roatan from the U.S. and Canada. Flights from Montreal and Toronto run directly to the island during peak season. From the U.S., direct flights to Roatan leave Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Miami.

This ideal combination makes it easy to afford your pre-retirement home on Roatan, visiting during the winter and renting it the remainder of the year. Talk about ideal!

Take a look at this first story I wrote for International Living, covering a snowbird couple doing just that. I was really excited about that first byline – understandably! – and posted screenshots of the print edition in this post from way back when.

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