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Expat Stories: Roatan Snowbirds

Roatan snowbirds

Here’s a win-win scenario for many of you living in northern climes: become a snowbird to enjoy the best weather in different places, avoiding the worst. Take a hint from Roatan snowbirds Bill and Ann Addison.

This fun-loving couple has it all figured out…they spend most of each year based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, while traveling around the U.S. visiting family. But they leave as winter descends and they head south to Roatan for warmer weather.

Roatan snowbirds

Ann is an avid scuba diver and snorkeler, while Bill frequents the Black Pearl golf course. They spend their retirement days frolicking in the sea and contributing to their local communities. They’ve found a perfect balance for the best of both worlds during their retirement.

If you’re concerned about moving overseas full-time in your retirement, Bill and Ann offer a great example of staying close to family and friends for much of the year, while taking advantage of the freedoms retirement provides so they don’t have to struggle through the winter every year.

Read more about Bill and Ann’s adventures in my article for International Living. Their cover story highlighted snowbird couples taking advantage of lower costs of living overseas…and loving it!


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