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Expat Stories: Sailing Through Retirement

There are expat stories…and then there is this story.

Today, I want to share a story about an incredible couple. This couple is inspiring, adorable, and they’ve done retirement right.

Some people retire to Florida, some retire to Roatan, and some stay home to finally enjoy their freedom and free time.

But Lew and Ann Tucker aren’t some people. They enjoy their freedom and free time on the open ocean. For the past 20 years, this incredible couple has been sailing around the world…literally. This summer saw the official completion of their circumnavigation.

Ann and Lew Tucker Roatan

It would take an entire book to adequately do justice to Ann and Lew’s story, but I hope you at least start by reading this mere article I wrote for them. And if you head to West Bay on a Sunday, go to Beacher’s to possibly catch them dancing up a storm in the evening.

Please check out this article about Ann and Lew’s amazing retirement adventure, and be sure to show them some love in the comments, too.

If you’re interested in sailing off into the sunset, you might also want to check out Matt and Jessica Johnson who have been sailing since 2012. They spent less than $13,000 in all of 2014 while sailing between Florida, the Bahamas, Mexico, and across the Atlantic to visit the Azores, the Canary Islands, and Portugal before coming back. So don’t think you can’t afford it!


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