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An Expat’s Challenge: Where to Go Next

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I had a fun conversation with my friend today about when our paths might cross again. I know her from Roatan, where we both spend most of our time yet neither of us is currently there. She’s on the West Coast and I’m on the East Coast and we were trying to figure out if we’d catch each other back on The Rock (every island is a rock, but we live on the same one so we can refer to it as the only one).

We figured if we don’t catch each other there, we’ll catch each other in Las Vegas when I’m speaking at the International Living conference in September. Or perhaps somewhere in Europe while she’s visiting other friends she met on Roatan who are there currently. The options are endless because the world is so huge and yet so accessible.

The longer you live in another country, the less difficult it seems to hop on a plane and visit a friend half-way around the world. The longer you live abroad, the more diverse your friends become, and their home bases and their travels will take them to even more diverse places around the world. How could you possibly pass up the chance to extend your layover for a week to traipse around Amsterdam with your friend who is there visiting family? That’s another Roatan friend of mine, after she heads to South Africa for a vacation with yet another Roatan friend.

All of us mentioned so far are from the U.S. and all of us consider ourselves expats, or nomads, or gypsies, or simply travelers. All of us who opt to live our lives far from where we started them open ourselves up to new adventures and experiences on a regular basis.

Sure, we get stuck in mundane routines as well. But at some point, the itch hits again and we simply must find a flight to catch up with someone whose path we’ve crossed before who inspired us in some way.

That’s the beauty of travel in general: you can meet so many interesting people offering unique perspectives on life. When you live in another country for a while, you not only meet those other travelers but also those other expats with whom you would never have otherwise interacted.

The world is so diverse, and the friends of an expat make choosing where to go next one of the most difficult choices. So many places to go and people to see! I know, there are infinitely many harder decisions in life. But for many of us, this is just another one of those #expatproblems.

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