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Girls’ Night – Roatan Island Style

“Anyone have any fresh cilantro? I need it for my Yum Dip.”

Yum Dip. It’s a real thing. So are Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins and Bacon Jalapeño Cheese Dip with freshly baked bread.

Welcome to Girls Night in Roatan.

We actively schedule these nights monthly to gather in a safe haven. No tourists allowed as none of us can muster another rehashing of our life stories for the bazillionth time. This is our time. It’s time to regain some sanity from this little rock we call home. Yes, we all love it here. That’s why we’ve selected it among the myriad other locations where we could have put down shallow roots. But sometimes you just need to bitch about it.

Our conversations meander more than our little island roads. Tonight, the mom-to-be gets advice from the only mom in the group, but we all chime in to encourage kids eating sand and the occasional bug to toughen up their immune systems. After all, we did it and we’re normal, right?

One girl locked herself out of her own bathroom for three days because a spider was inside. “It was scary dammit!” But that’s nothing compared to the furry tarantula in the other girl’s bathroom who got trapped inside a glass cup that was then filled with an entire can of Raid. Ouch…

Then there was the photo evidence of the furry thing in someone’s bag of laundry. General consensus: it was a baby possum. No worries!

Two girls just came back from a journey to Southeast Asia with tales of glorious diving and beautiful artwork. That opens up a whole new conversation about butterfly pavilions and meditation rooms in airports. We all agree that Americans would be mind-bogglingly baffled by butterflies in an airport. But we wish they were in IAH. It’d make for a much more pleasant transition back into the States.

Work stress, relationships, life plans. Who’s going where and when. Entertaining tidbits and some much needed empathy. We somehow always manage to cover our past, present, and future within the few shorts hours we have in this sanctuary.

And without that temporary sanctuary I guarantee there’d be a whole lot more crazy going on around this little rock. So let’s all make sure that Girls’ Nights continue, for everyone’s sake.