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Golden Buoy Upcoming Event by Scuba Roatan

SOL Foundation

The first weekend of the 8th Annual Golden Buoy Competition fundraising was a fabulous success! Entertaining costumes, a few three-legged stumbles, and lots of cheering up and down the street in West End left everyone feeling elated. While the total amount raised has yet to be announced, I can personally vouch for the impressive crowd of three-legged ambitious drinkers so I’m sure the end result will be fantastic.

Next up in the Golden Buoy events: Horseshoe Tournament! Hosted by Scuba Roatan, another popular dive shop here in West End, the Horseshoe Tournament will be held at Margarita Grill, which is on the beach at the far end of West End next to Barefoot Ronny’s. That’s a great decision since the beach offers more space in that area, plus fewer children and dogs running around to be potentially horseshoed themselves.


Entrance fee per team of two is L500 (that’s $25). There’s a prize for the winning team, and any team that pre-registers is entered into a raffle drawing as well. So get over to Scuba Roatan ASAP and register your team!


More about SOL Foundation

The SOL (School of Life) International Foundation works to initiate and support community-based programs designed to promote education and to increase the quality of life in developing areas. Through the support of grants and fundraisers like the Golden Buoy, SOL focuses on enhancing the standards of education, arts, and athletics in lesser developed areas.

SOL also raises money through its adult co-ed softball league, through the annual Music Festival for the Angels, and through other fundraisers throughout the year. The work they do for the island’s families is amazing – be sure to check out their website to see some of the specific programs they’re working on now: http://solroatan.org/

If you’re visiting Roatan between now and June 6th, be sure you’re subscribed to the blog and also connect with me on Facebook so you don’t miss out on any of these fabulous events. This is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to give back to this amazing community.