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Giveaway: City Walks Travel App

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My favorite way to explore a new place is walking – or, if I’m feeling ambitious, by running. Either way, you see parts of the area you would otherwise miss should you only travel by car or public transportation.

Don’t get me wrong: there are times you need to get from Point A to Point B and walking is simply not an option. But then again, I don’t like to live my life in a hurry and walking is always a good way to slow your pace down.

Unfortunately, if you’re anything like my fish of a manfriend, you may be directionally challenged. He can find his way anywhere underwater, but pluck that man out and put him on land and – poof! – he’s perpetually lost. He’s meant for gills.

So what’s the solution?

have no fear the interwebs are here


Thanks to companies like GPSmyCity, even the directionally challenged can enjoy a walking tour around a city without worrying about getting lost. Even if you have a fantastic sense of direction, it’s always nice to have recommendations from locals to make your visit even more enjoyable.

The City Maps and Walks apps from GPSmyCity are broken into categories so you can choose to go on a shopping tour, eating tour, drinking tour, history tour, gardens tour, or more! Each city has different categories all created by locals with insider knowledge.

I know what you’re thinking: Couldn’t I just pay someone to take me on a tour?

Why, yes, of course you could shell out lots of extra cash in every city you visit. OR, you could take a self-guided tour crafted by a local without having to follow a schedule or look like a sheep following a tour guide waving a silly flag so you don’t get lost.

Don’t be a sheep. Be the person with the insider knowledge safely on your phone – even when it’s offline. No roaming, no data charges, no matter how far from home you go.

Lucky for you, GPSmyCity is giving away promo codes to download a city app for free!

Save yourself a few bucks and enter for your chance to win a free download. You can select any of their available city apps if you win – you might even find something new in your favorite city!

For your chance to win a free City Maps and Walks app for the city of your choice, enter by selecting any – or all – of the options below. This giveaway is open in all countries, but the promo code is currently only available for iOS. Google Play does not allow the promo code, though you can still download the app!

This giveaway ends December 10th, so hurry and enter for your chance to win! I’ll be announcing the winners right away so you can let me know which city app you want to download and receive your promo code.

It’s perfect timing for that holiday trip we all know you’re planning. For me, the Edinburgh app will help us to better plan our Hogmanay experience…and I have my eye on a few other city apps, too!

Good luck!

GPSmyCity App Giveaway

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