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A Hint of What’s to Come

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I told you we’re heading somewhere new soon…so here’s a hint of what’s to come! We’ll see if you can guess where our next plane will land based on some facts about our new potential expat home. Hint #1: we would both definitely be called expats there! Neither of us has any connection to this next spot. In fact, I’ve never even visited before.

How about a few more facts to see if you can piece it together and figure out where we’ll be…

Fact: It’s an island. Of course, technically speaking, we’ve only lived together on islands! We started on the island of Roatan in the Caribbean. We moved to the British Isles, living in Scotland for over a year. Then we moved to the Emerald Isle, which was a short stint given the hiccups along the way. Next up: another island! (I guess we like living a thematic life?)

expat island life

Sunsets over the water for the win!

Fact: We can fly there direct from Dublin. Which we’ll be doing tomorrow!

Fact: There are not many sandy beaches on this island. While somewhat tragic, I actually don’t think it will be all that noticeable. We lived on a beach for almost three years, yet there were countless days – weeks in a row sometimes! – when we never touched foot on it. When you work all the time and you socialize away from home a lot, you often run around too much to enjoy it. I’m not concerned. A hammock is packed in my suitcase…that’s all I need!

Fact: Our new home has been featured in some Game of Thrones scenes.

Fact: We can dive again (during the summer)! That scuba gear has been dry for too long now.

game of thrones scuba reference

Fact: It is warmer than Scotland and Ireland, though not as hot as Roatan (most of the year anyway).

Fact: I am super excited to ditch my giant winter wardrobe. While winter still happens there, it’s nothing like what we’ve been experiencing. So I don’t need thick layers upon layers to merely survive. Instead, I’m downsizing to a small winter wardrobe that should get me through the few cold months there. Hypothetically speaking, since I’ve never even been there. Time will tell!

Fact: There is tons of history to this island, which I am thrilled to explore! The mixture of cultures and depth of history is truly baffling, especially for an American.

Fact: The next time you hear from me will be from somewhere else. Ideally with the sunshine on my face and the sea at my feet! I like to be optimistic, so here’s to hoping this is a great move and we absolutely love it. But, if not, there are always more rocks to explore. Here’s to wandering the world!

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Wish us luck!

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