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I constantly make new friends online

new friends from blogging

I know, it sounds super sketchy, right? I’m making new friends online…you should be concerned.

But really – I do! Here’s the beauty of my job: people email me (or Facebook message me, or Tweet at me…) to make reservations for diving while they’re on vacation in Roatan. They send me a message with the basics, I reply with more questions, and the next thing you know we’re going back and forth chatting like old friends before they even arrive.

The best part of that? When we finally meet in real life it’s so much fun! We hug like we’re old friends and share smiles and inside jokes about our lengthy communication online. It’s like we’ve been apart for months and finally met up for a vacation together. It never gets old.

This morning, a woman I’d been messaging with for a few months regarding her dive trip came right into the shop, saw me and broke into a huge smile. She gave me a big hug like she missed me.

Another diver and I had gone back and forth on many emails before he arrived with his wife. I happened to have the day off when he first came into the shop, so the next day when he saw me I got the biggest bear hug ever! It was such a wonderful way to start my day, hugging a seemingly perfect stranger who acts like a friend.

Another woman found this blog and when she came back to Roatan, she came right into my shop to say hi and gave me a big hug. I had another man look at me strangely for several minutes before finally asking if I was “that blog lady” and then gave me a hug. It has to be the absolute best way to meet people. The internet connects strangers from everywhere, and then when you get to meet in person it’s like you’re already best friends.

Between my job and this blog, I receive emails all the time from perfect strangers who end up becoming friends. Keep it up, it makes me smile! And hugs are seriously underrated. In case you missed it last week, this video went viral and shows the amazing power of a hug. So go hug a new friend. It’ll make you smile!