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I need your help!

Hi friends and family and perfectly awesome no-longer-strangers I’ve met through AWalk on the Run!

I just entered a blogging contest for expats and now I need your help. In order to win a country award I must have the most fabulous comments posted on my article on their site. Here’s the deal: you need to click on the link for the article below, read it, love it, and then add a comment of 10 words or more.

They don’t want a bunch of people just saying “great!” or “loved it!” They want some actual feedback so they’re moderating every comment. You also need to verify your email address, so you’ll have to enter your email address to post your comment and then it will be queued up until you confirm your address (they will send you an email, just open it and follow the directions – it may go to your spam folder!).

I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’ve been working insanely too much on my far-more-than-full-time job while also trying to increase my writing portfolio. I love to write, so hopefully you guys can all take a few minutes to help me out and write a comment. Also feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other such social media sites that connect you with loved ones.

So, again, please follow these steps:

1. Go here: http://www.expatsblog.com/contests/886/top-7-excuses-for-getting-sucked-into-the-vortex

2. Read, chuckle, nod in agreement, or declare that I’m nuts. Take your pick and then write about it in the comment section.

3. Enter your email address

4. Open the email they send you and verify your email address

5. Share with the world!

6. I’m just trying to come up with more numbers now

7. k, I give up, you’re all fantastic 🙂

8. You should also read my friend Rika’s article because we’re both in Honduras and we’re spreading the love. Here’s hers: http://www.expatsblog.com/contests/775/top-10-things-i-wish-i-knew-before-becoming-an-expat-in-honduras

Love to you all from Roatan!

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