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I’m not sure I would call this “work”

So I live in paradise. That’s been established. But just in case you missed it, here’s another view…

Home aka Paradise



Living in paradise costs money though! Rent, food, fun…it all adds up, and quickly. So here I am, living on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, having to find a job to make ends meet. But what job could I do? My main goal originally was to find a job at a nonprofit focusing on community development during my travels. When I first got to Roatan I stopped by Clinica Esperanza to check out their work, which is truly incredible. However, after speaking to several nonprofits around the island, I quickly realized my options were seriously limited because they simply don’t have the funding to hire anyone. There are lots of organizations looking for volunteers, but sadly I would then need a volunteer to pay my rent. Deciding the pool of takers for that offer would be nonexistent, I looked into other options.

Luckily for me, when I needed a job my favorite restaurant/cafe was conveniently looking for help! I started working at The Buena Vida four days a week during the day. Something I decided immediately: four-day workweeks should be mandatory everywhere! Seriously. Phenomenal. Three-day weekends are the best.BV

Alas, only working four days during the day was not quite enough to live off of, so I knew I needed another part-time job. Enter my awesome property manager! I rent my apartment through Roatan Life Real Estate. They are fabulous. It’s like having the top-rate service you pay a premium price for in the States but in a chill, totally casual way. So I get a call from my property manager asking if I’m looking for part-time work. How convenient – why, yes, indeed I am! However, he wanted me the same days I was waitressing, so sadly that wasn’t going to work. He called back two days later with a full-time job offer with pay and perks I just couldn’t refuse.

Just like The Godfather

Two weeks later, I finished working at The Buena Vida on a Sunday, started at Roatan Life on Tuesday, and by Friday I decided the job just wasn’t for me. Someone else would absolutely love it, but I’m a talker, a chatty person who loves being around people and needs interaction to survive. This job would have had me driving around by myself a majority of the time, and I just knew I wouldn’t be happy. Why live in paradise if I’m not happy?? So I decided to try again with something new. Lo and behold, Ocean Connections Water Sports was looking for a new office manager. It all worked out perfectly.


So that’s my work story so far! I’ve been in Roatan for five months, spent the first five weeks doing nothing, and since then I’ve held three jobs. And I’ve loved all of it! Opportunities are always out there, and if you really want a change it’s up to you to make it happen. The easiest thing to do is just ask. You never know who’s going to say yes!