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I’m on a boat!

Days off are few and far between here, so when we get days off together, we try to take advantage of it. Last weekend, we (ok, he) bought a dinghy!

I don’t take pictures so I have to borrow them from other people.

So on Sunday we took that baby out for a spin. And spin we did – in circles – because one of the oar handles is cracked – and it kept falling – and it was a process. But after fighting the breeze, the oars, and all of our snorkel gear heaped haphazardly into the dinghy, we (ok, again, he) managed to paddle us out to the mooring line at Hole in the Wall. It’s a beautiful dive site just outside our bay. We tied up to the mooring ball and we (ok, he) dove in ever so gracefully. I flopped like a dying fish.

The reef here is simply majestic. Words can’t properly describe just how beautiful the underwater views are around Roatan. Add to that seeing schools of fish, sea turtles, eels, seahorses, shrimp, lobsters, and spotted eagle rays and I’m a happy girl. The Roatan Marine Park is doing great work protecting the reef and educating the various local populations (fishermen, divers, tourists, students, etc), so hopefully we’ll still be seeing this incredible reef for years to come.

After snorkeling for long enough for my fingers to be the pruniest kind of prunes, we begrudgingly decided to get back into the boat and paddle home. All was right with the world.

And then it wasn’t.

Upon arriving home, we realized our house keys were now some fabulous octopus’ home decor, because they were no longer inside the (broken) zipper pocket of his shorts. Happy decorating, little octopus man!

I imagine there’s an octopus like this guy collecting trinkets.

Good thing we have great neighbors who let us borrow their phone, fabulous property managers who come over to save my butt every time I call, and the sun was still out to dry us off sans towels. Lina was annoyed and confused as to why she was still inside while we sat on the porch waiting for help, but in the end she was on the receiving end of plenty of pats and we made it inside before either of us got too hangry.

Moral of the story: we have a boat! Yay!