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International Living Roatan Correspondent

I’ve been covering LOTS of great businesses and lifestyles for expats in Roatan lately, so if you’re not an International Living subscriber, you’re missing out! You can always head to their basic information pages to learn more about Honduras in general, and Roatan specifically. Additionally, on my author page you’ll find some articles that are open to the public, though some in that list are password protected.

I’ll be speaking at International Living’s conference in Las Vegas at the end of this week as the International Living Roatan Correspondent. If you’ll be there, let me know!

Starting Friday, the Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas conference will highlight all the best information International Living has to offer. I have friends who now own homes in Roatan who attended this conference in years past, and there are even International Living experts who attended the conference years ago who now write as overseas expat experts!

If you’re missing out on the conference, keep an eye on their future events for ones that might be specifically geared towards you. This one is held annually in the U.S. and offers a great overview of retiring overseas – from local experts sharing information on their countries and regions to more in-depth information on the finances and legalities of retiring abroad. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other potential expats, and with current expats who are in-the-know. It’s a jam-packed conference and I’m excited to see some of you there in person!

Since I’m headed out for the conference, I’ll be offline for several days. Please excuse the delay in replying to your emails. I’ll get back to you ASAP!


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