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Introducing: Stirling the Cat!

While 2020 has thrown us all for a loop, we decided this forced stillness required a companion. A very furry, sandpaper-tongued little buddy.

Everyone, meet Stirling!

This little guy came into our lives mid-lockdown. My other half had a bad skiing accident just before everything kicked off in the UK, so he’s been hobbling around in pain for months.

We basically decided he needed a sympathy cat. Because why not?

And just look at this little cutie!

He joined our family in May, after spending time with his mama and learning some valuable kitten life skills.

Since then, he’s gotten dramatically larger, fluffier, and more entertaining by the day.

He decided the neighbors’ house is also his and struts in for attention (and treats).

Sitting inside her cats’ food bin…subtle.

He checks the fishpond daily to be sure it is indeed still wet, so he doesn’t in fact want to jump in to catch a fish.

(He has fallen in twice though!)

He often sits with the lawn sheep to work on his camouflage skills. And he loves scurrying up and down the many big old trees in the back garden.

Oh, and he got himself stuck in a tree already (I got him down) and stuck on the shed roof (that one required a ladder).

We’re convinced he’s part dog, too.

From playing fetch to wrestling and begging for treats, his behaviors are the most un-catlike we’ve ever seen!

(And we’ve seen a lot with all our house and pet sitting!)

We can mess around with him and he’s never fussed, which is wonderful.

He isn’t even bothered by dogs! He cornered this poor pup inside our kitchen and frightened him. [Pssst, Stirling, cats are supposed to run away from dogs!]

He was flabbergasted by the squirrel eating from the window bird feeder…

And with our big giant backyard as his kingdom, he’s been so good sticking close to home and always coming back when we call him…

Except the one time he didn’t.

We spent hours calling for him, walking the neighborhood dreading the worst. Our neighbors were outside whistling for him, a call that garnered the attention of three other cats, but not ours!

Finally, we all gave up and thought he was just testing his limits and went too far to hear us. We put his litterbox outside (the scent carries and helps guide lost kitties home), and we all went back in to go to sleep.

Not a minute later, our landlady neighbor/adoptive mom comes back outside triumphantly with Stirling in her arms!

The little hooligan had snuck into her bedroom (which is off-limits to even her own cats) and was living in the lap of luxury on their comfy bed! The whole time we called for him, he didn’t make a peep.

Clever little dude indeed.

He’s also known to sneak into their conservatory (sunroom) and nap on her favorite chair or try (unsuccessfully) to get her older cats to play with him. He’s desperate for their love and attention!

He’s fond of sleeping and loves to do so wherever he can fit himself onto a fleece blanket. Lucky for him, Scottish summers still require fleece blankets!

So here’s to Stirling.

Named for the city and university where my other half got his Marine Sciences degree, which led him to Roatan all those years ago.

He’s also a tuxedo cat, always looking rather dapper and a bit of a momma’s boy. So if you thought of Stirling Archer, you’re not wrong there either!

Welcome to this wild world, Stirling! Thanks for keeping us company, little love.

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