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It’s low season! Days off, endless sunshine, and fun plans!

Well, folks, it’s finally here – low season. For the last six months we’ve all been working overtime and overtired so now it’s time to reap the rewards. More days off, no more rainy season, fewer tourists filling the beaches…ahhh can’t you just hear the splack as someone opens an ice cold beer? It’s so damn refreshing.

My new schedule allows me to work from home a few days each week, be in the shop for our two weekly tour days, and then take a WHOLE weekend off. Pretty fabulous, huh? We really haven’t done much around this island other than working and a bit of driving around (once out to the East End, but that’s it!), so our plans for this low season include the following:

  • Cayos Cochinos for a day of diving and frolicking. With more days off to choose from, the odds of finding a perfect day with flat water and bright sunshine are high! Neither of us has been yet and it’s supposed to be stunning so I’m really looking forward to heading there soon.
  • Pigeon Cay for another day of diving and frolicking! – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Check out my post on our trip to Pigeon Cay here (plus a warning!).
  • East End – including Camp Bay diving, Paya Bay relaxing, and maybe some mangrove touring? Who knows!
  • Utila because it’s so close and supposed to be a good time…so why not? Maybe a weekend there sometime soon.
  • La Ceiba for shopping and a movie theater. Sometimes we need those. Just sometimes 🙂
  • Shark dive for me! He’s done it several times but I’ve never been able to join. I’m making it a point to do it this summer. Can’t wait!!
  • Ziplining for him! I’ve done it a few times here already so it’s his turn to check it out!
  • Maya Key to say hi to all the animals and snorkel with sharks. There is no need to explain that. Snorkeling. With. Sharks. YES!
  • Writing! I’m focusing more on this blog and on a few fun outside projects as well. Stay tuned for more details as things keep rolling out!

This whole list plus a fabulous trip in the works for September should make for a wonderful low season! Maybe I’ll even have some photos to share?! I know, I’m bad at that, sorry.

Welp, back to the hammock for a bit more work. It’s a rough life, but someone has to do it.

In celebration of the end of high season, cheers, everyone!