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It’s official! New line on the CV: Writer

I’m very excited to share my first published article in International Living Magazine! I was contacted via my blog a few months ago for some input on an article one of the editors was writing. She quoted me in her piece and also connected me with another editor to help with their retirement index. He then asked me to write a profile to include in their magazine, so here we are! The December 2013 issue has my name in print as an author! Screenshots for proof:



Yes, that’s my name at the end of the second profile. Awesome! Here’s the article posted on their site. I’m working on a few more projects so I’ll keep you all posted! You know how I like to stay busy? Well these past few months have been my busiest ever and despite a few days of going slightly insane (general apologies, everyone), it’s been totally worthwhile. Now let’s keep the ball rolling!