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Juliette Burton’s Decision Time at Edinburgh Fringe

I write about my life on the Internet. Obviously. What I don’t tend to do in this space I’ve carved for myself is divulge really personal details about my life. Sure, I share stories and adventures – even a few misadventures. But, truly, I’m not baring my soul here. That takes an incredible amount of fortitude, which I witnessed first-hand watching Juliette Burton’s Decision Time at Edinburgh Fringe this week.

Juliette’s new docu-comedy, Decision Time, shares intimate details about her life through a definitively funny theme of trying to make decisions. As she faces one of the biggest decisions of her life, she resorts to some of her familiar coping mechanisms. And as a member of the audience, even you will have a say in how she should proceed. But that’s not until you’ve heard the full story first!

What I absolutely admired about Juliette’s storytelling was her innate ability to divulge her own secrets – no matter how obviously painful they may be – while encouraging us to listen, to understand, and to laugh alongside her. Her passion for this career path she’s chosen is clear, and we all benefit from that decision.

She has written this docu-comedy knowing full well that we walk away knowing a great deal about her personal life. And that’s exactly where she thrives. She connects with her audience in a very real way. She isn’t desperately seeking approval, though. She’s merely having an entertaining conversation with a bunch of new friends, which typically doesn’t end at the stage but continues to the nearest bar for more chatting.

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Juliette has been performing at Edinburgh Fringe for several years, the last three having been her own written shows. In each, she has shared her life story dealing with mental health issues. In each, she has informed and educated the audience while entertaining them. And in each, she has offered a voice to those who need to be heard but who haven’t yet found their own stage.

Her writing is as entertaining as it is inspirational. I laughed along with her from childhood moments through to her current decision-making process. I laughed so hard at how she feels about her current dilemma because I could relate all too well – which I relayed to her after the show as she asked us about our own story with genuine interest.

She is astoundingly relatable and endearing. You won’t leave Juliette’s show without a new friend.

Go see Juliette Burton’s Decision Time at Edinburgh Fringe. You’ll be sorely disappointed if you don’t.

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016:

Venue: Gilded Balloon Teviot (Wee Room)

Time: 16:30

Duration: 1 hour

Dates: August 3-14, 16-28

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