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Your Solution for When You’re Missing the Island Life


There is always something that can bring you back to a moment in time; something that triggers a memory and puts you far from where you are currently. It might be a smell or a certain taste, but for many people it’s music.

Music brings people together and highlights every emotion. Whatever solace you seek, you can find it in music throughout the world. It’s something that unites cultures and ignites something in your soul to connect with others. Music can transform people.

I often receive messages from you guys saying how much you miss the island and cannot wait to get back to paradise. I can now offer you the perfect solution for missing the island life.

Enter Branan Logan.

Branan is a musician with one hell of a story. I’m writing an article about him in International Living for an upcoming issue, but here’s the gist: he hopped off of a cruise ship in Roatan and now he’s living the dream, playing music several nights a week around the island and spending his days lounging in paradise.

The best part about Branan is that he loves Roatan so much, he wants to share it with everyone. All of us expats have conflicting views on that since we really don’t want more people to move here and develop our little rock, but of course we love it so much that we want others to love it, too! My friends jokingly tell me to stop writing about Roatan so we can keep it our little secret. But just like Branan, I can’t help but sing Roatan’s praises!

Of course, he literally sings them. You’re welcome for not doing the same. Trust me.

If you find yourself missing the island life and wanting to feel like you’re back on the beach with a cold drink and a light breeze, Branan just released his new record, Tradewinds. Have a listen and buy the album. You’ll need it when the temperatures drop and the commute never ends.

Check it out here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/brananlogan7 and show Branan how much you appreciate him sharing his island life with us by heading to his Facebook page. You can also check out where he’s playing tonight on his website. You won’t want to miss him live!

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