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My own personal paradise

Everyone who knows me well knows how much I absolutely LOVE hot weather. It makes me feel alive. Sunshine, wearing dresses, reading outside for hours, napping in hammocks…that’s my happy place. Anywhere near the equator can fill those basic requirements for happiness. But paradise? That takes something more.

Right now, in this moment, I am living in my own personal paradise.

So where is this paradise you ask? Let me fill you in a bit…I’m living in Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras. To get here I flew from Boston to San Pedro Sula, and then took a Hedman Alas bus from the airport to La Ceiba. As you might have already read, I stayed in La Ceiba for two nights, managed to miraculously locate my missing backpack, conquered whitewater rafting for the first time, and then I headed to the ferry on a Saturday morning. I should’ve known I was in for a helluva ride when a woman walked around offering plastic bags to everyone on the ferry. I politely declined, and as accurately as I can recall my thought was ‘pshhh, what would I need a plastic bag for you crazy lady?!’ Welp, my fellow passengers quickly demonstrated such a need. Luckily, I escaped their miserable fate and instead bopped along merrily to whatever playlist occupied my iPod at the time.

For those geographically challenged, here’s where I am (I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you already know Honduras is in Central America. If this assumption is unfair, please keep that information to yourself, it will only hurt me to know.). The ferry left La Ceiba (bottom of the red circled area) and took me to Roatan in about an hour and a half.


Roatan is a cruise stop, bringing tourists in waves as ships stop for a day and taxi drivers try to coerce passengers to visit other locations. Roatan is known to have excellent scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as other adventure tourism. We see kayakers, paddle boarders, and scooter renters all the time, as well as your usual sun bathers and tchotchke buyers. I live in a fairly touristy area called West End. Expats abound and you can’t walk five feet without someone trying to sell you something. But – hey – when that something could be a locally brewed Jade Pale Ale or Cleaveland Stout, I’m all for it! I can see mainland Honduras from here on a clear day. And while it is still rainy season and those clear days come intermittently, I have managed to see some stunning sunsets.

West End sunset

Where I am is only a small part of my paradise, but I guess knowing the setting is important to understanding the story, right? The best is yet to come. I’ll fill you all in on the who, what, why, and when soon.

For now, I’ll leave you with this little tidbit: that return flight I had with no solid plans for where to go after the holidays? It’s been turned into a new roundtrip ticket. I’ll be in Boston for a week around Christmas and then I’ll be back in my paradise in time for New Year’s Eve.

Life couldn’t be any better right now!