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Wanna know where I’ve been? Ocean Connections Roatan

Amanda Walkins Ocean Connections manager

I’ve been sort of MIA lately and with good reason. I’ve been starting a business, trying to write more, and basically running around like mad. Lesson #1 in island living, everyone does everything and everyone works way too much. But our work is mostly fun! Granted, mine is actually driving me slightly insane right now because I still need more office staff to cover everything, but I’m making headway on fixing that. But the actual work I’m doing? Pretty cool. I get to chat with people all day, meet new people all the time, and get some sunshine and salt air every day. It’s not too shabby!

So here’s the real breakdown of what’s been keeping me so busy. I started work at Ocean Connections Roatan in March. It was just a dive shop, and a struggling one at that. I’ve since launched all of their social media sites, increased their TripAdvisor traffic, helped create their new website and continued editing and changing content since its launch.

I’ve inventoried and maintained all the retail, including new orders, new tracking systems, and redesigning the entire display area of the shop.

I’ve increased personnel from one boat captain and one instructor plus me in the shop to two boat captains, five instructors, three office personnel, and a Divemaster Trainee.

I’ve overseen the completion of major construction projects including a new palapa, an enlarged equipment room, a wooden walkway, and new pavers in the parking area.

I’ve coordinated the completion and purchase of a new 52-foot power catamaran, a refurbished 18-foot dive panga, and a 14-passenger van.

I’ve coordinated the logistics for a new tour to operate between two different cruise ship docks with a contractor bus company and four different cruise lines.

I’ve established the processes to run a dual-operation shop and done it all on the fly with high season for tourism swirling around us.

Oh, and to top that off I’ve been trying to keep this blog updated, I wrote a press release for a new program in Roatan, I published my first magazine article, and I won a Gold Medal for Honduras in the Expats Blog 2013 Top Blog Awards Writing Contest. So, yeah, I’ve been a little busy.

It’s been a crazy year work-wise so I’m looking forward to settling that down a bit. After all, I live in paradise. I need to take more time to enjoy that! Here’s to 2014, a new year with new opportunities. Happy New Year, all 🙂