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Oh Canada! Arrival, Reunions, and a Wedding all in one weekend

It’s Sunday. We just sat in a car for nine hours. We’ve been in four countries in the last three days. And it has been AWESOME.

I can’t possibly ever put into words exactly how amazing it feels to see friends and family after being away for a while. In fact, it could just be a few weeks – hell even a few days – and I’m ecstatic. Especially my family. If you don’t know them, you’re missing out. I have some of the most incredible individuals to claim as my own and I appreciate them more and more each time I see them. I am unbelievably lucky!

So the details thus far? We left home and our little squishy for 6 weeks, and she was not at all happy about it. We’re hoping to be able to Skype with her soon but no promises there since her attention span is, well, that of a dog. Good thing she’s adorable. We miss her already.


Lovely Lina (thanks to Betty Clarkin for the cute photo!)

We flew with Avianca airlines from Roatan to San Salvador and then San Salvador direct to Toronto. They were fabulous! We’re already looking forward to our flights home with them in October! Seriously, food on both flights, our own screens to watch movies or TV on the long flight, and such comfy seats we were both super happy. Not to mention all the flight attendants were so pleasant and they handed out mints! I mean really, America, what happened to quality in-flight service??

The wedding was perfect. Kerry, from First Time Fancy, did everything her way and her personality was shining through in every detail. Brett and Kerry are absolutely adorable and it was such a thrill to be there to celebrate with them. Oh – and the food was phenomenal!! They were married at MacKechnie House, such a cute location and it turned out to be a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. It really was fabulous. We danced the night away – obviously – and had a blast.

Familia <3

Familia <3


Beautiful setting for a wedding!



It was such a wonderful day and I loved seeing everyone I hadn’t seen in months! You know it’s a good day when your cheeks hurt from smiling, your stomach aches from laughter, and your feet are filthy from dancing barefoot in the grass when the dance floor is full. Well done, family! That’s how to do a wedding right.

(Bonus: I wore heels for several hours walking around in grass and didn’t die or break anything! Why is that a highlight worth mentioning? Because I wear flip-flops to dress up nowadays. The being on your toes thing is a bit of a stretch. Literally. So go me!)

Post-wedding drive to MA? Nine hours, starting at 5:30am with a slight delay at the border so the Irishman could get approval to enter the country. We decided not to leave him at the border to fend for himself, it was still too chilly outside for that. We couldn’t be that mean…

Now it’s on to explore Beantown!