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Packing and what not

I’ve had so many people ask me how I can pack for a 6-week trip, so here’s the breakdown…

First and foremost, figure out the difference between want and need. Pack what you think you need, and then unpack it and take things out. That shirt that looks cute with that one pair of jeans you have that you think you’ll wear out at night? Yeah, pull that out. You can wear the other shirt that you wore last night because nobody actually remembers what you were wearing nor do they care that you’re wearing it again. Seriously. It’s true. Ask someone what you wore yesterday and see if they remember.

Secondly, these are all *things.* Things that can be bought, lost, replaced, ruined, donated, whatever. Clothes are merely needed to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure. Or to deter pesky mosquitos…they can be helpful in that way. So when all is said and done I’m packing some clothes, I’m packing some toiletries, and I’m packing a few extra things that won’t be needed every day but that I know I will actually need at some point. Number one item under that category? A headlamp. I learned my lesson in the Amazon when I had monster cockroaches and spiders in my bag (I know, I know, zip my bag entirely closed and they can’t get in. My bad. Whatever.) and couldn’t hold a flashlight while also shaking out my clothes to get them out. Also, peeing in the dark while holding a flashlight is challenging. Headlamp = two free hands!

Spelunking in the Galapagos…first time I realized how great a headlamp is. Two thumbs up!

So what exactly is going in my bags? I have a bookbag and a messenger bag that I will purposely not fill to capacity to both save my back and also some space for purchases. I like buying things when I travel – so sue me.

A few shirts, bathing suits, shorts, shoes…the usual. Some other stuff including laundry detergent sheets to wash my clothes in the sink, sunscreen, a journal (thanks, Emmie!!), and a few books I can leave behind – except Born to Run, I loved it the first time I read it and can’t wait to read it again, so I’ll hang onto it through this trip. This is it:

Everything’s all rolled up and ready to pack!

I’m no expert backpacker…there are so many other hardcore backpackers who have better methods, better equipment, and better ideas. But what I do have is exactly what I need – and if I’m missing something I’ll pick it up along the way. No worries 🙂

Packed up with extra space! The other clothes are what I’m wearing tomorrow.

It is currently SNOWING in MA…ugh…90 and sunny here I come!! Next time you hear from me will be from Honduras. Hasta pronto!