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All Quiet on the Scotland Front

From Roatan to Scotland

I know, I know…I always say “Sorry, I’ve been busy, but I’ll post more soon!” And then it’s more radio silence. Unfortunately, that’s a good thing for right now.

I constantly advocate for being happy wherever you are – and I believe a work/life balance is critical in feeling that happiness. For me, my freelance writing is what pays the bills. This blog started as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, and then it evolved into a living portfolio of my writing while seeking out new clients.

At this point, my work for clients is full-time. While I enjoy working on this blog and preserving my own memories and stories, I often find that I’m ready to just put the laptop away once I’ve put in a full day’s work in other writing.

As a result, this little blog sees very little action these days. And that’s okay! I don’t think you guys would want me stressing out trying to blog for you here after already working all day, would you? Wouldn’t you rather I enjoy wandering around the neighborhood with Lina and spending time with my Irish-Colombian? I thought so!

More About Roatan

If you came here looking for Roatan information, you won’t find much more new stuff hitting the blog. We moved away from Roatan last year, so there won’t be new posts from my personal island life here. What I can offer you, however, is some re-posts from my work related to the island. I’ll share more here to keep satiating your appetite for all things Roatan until I’ve shared it all. At which point, you’re gonna have to just go sit on that beach in person!

More About Expat Life

If you came here looking for general expat life advice and stories, stick around. I have some long-term projects in the works for expat topics!

If you came here looking for insights into travel and expat life in Scotland, have no fear. There is so much more to come! I’ve spent these first several months getting familiar with my new home and learning the ropes. While I won’t claim to be an expert today, it’s fair to say I’m making good headway to be able to help guide you on your own expat journey to Scotland soon.

More About Me

If you’re here looking for personal updates from me – well, gee, thanks! I’m flattered! Here’s the quick and dirty version to get you up-to-date:

We’ve been living outside of Edinburgh since October, and we’re now searching for an apartment in the city. I love city life and all it offers, just as much as I loved island life and all the perks that came with that, too. Hopefully, come summertime, I’ll be writing from a new location in Edinburgh where I can quickly and easily pop into cafes and pubs to write to my heart’s content!

For the record, I love living on Main Street where we are currently. It’s adorable and the butcher across the street is my favorite person. The ladies at the library are tremendously lovely, and the staff at the small grocery store knows me as that girl who still needs to sign her credit card receipts (it’s so 2010). Lina loves romping around on the soccer field down the road (as evidenced in her photo – just look at that face!). But this is a small town and I’m craving more variety. So we are Edinburgh-bound…hopefully soon!

Thanks for sticking around despite the crickets you’ve been listening to lately! And, if you’re already an expat, please send me an email with a quick blurb about your story. I’d love to get some more variety of expat stories up here for further inspiration!

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