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Roatan Basura Boat Race

The 8th Annual Golden Buoy competition benefiting the SOL Foundation continues this weekend with a really creative event: the Basura Boat Race. For any of you non-Spanish speakers, basura means trash.

All in the name of fundraising for the kids, West End Divers is asking you to collect cans, tape, and cardboard to design your very own basura boat.

The rules are simple:
– You may only use tape, cardboard, and cans. That is it!
– The boat must be manned – or womaned – or kidded. (I’m not kidding, a kid is probably the best idea since these things are likely not built to any spectacular standards. The lighter the captain, the less likely it will sink!)
– Boats must be driven from the West End Divers dock to the buoy and back.

Prizes will be awarded to the winner of the race and to the most creatively designed boat. The creativity will be decided upon during the boat show prior to the race…with the assumption that many of the boats may not actually make it back. This is absolutely going to be entertaining! Even if you don’t participate, head over to West End Divers to watch the shenanigans!

Entry is $25 per boat, so start drinking more beers and save those cans for whatever concoction you can come up with! Sunday is the big day, so you better get cracking!

More about SOL Foundation

The SOL (School of Life) International Foundation works to initiate and support community-based programs designed to promote education and to increase the quality of life in developing areas. Through the support of grants and fundraisers like the Golden Buoy, SOL focuses on enhancing the standards of education, arts, and athletics in lesser developed areas.

SOL also raises money through its adult co-ed softball league, through the annual Music Festival for the Angels, and through other fundraisers throughout the year. The work they do for the island’s families is amazing – be sure to check out their website to see some of the specific programs they’re working on now: http://solroatan.org/


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