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Roatan Insider Tips: Street Food

People are often hesitant to eat street food, and I can understand why. Nobody wants to spend an entire vacation writhing in pain because of a bad burrito.

But if you know where to go then you can enjoy some of the best and cheapest food available without worry.

Here are my favorite recommendations for eating safe street food in West End and West Bay, Roatan.

What are baleadas?

You simply cannot miss out on eating baleadas while you’re in Honduras. Period.

Essentially a Honduran taco, baleadas consist of a homemade tortilla heated up and filled with refried beans, cheese, cream (not really sour cream, not really butter, it just is what it is), and then fillings of your choosing.

Personally, I go for egg and avocado for a breakfast baleada or steak or chicken and avocado for every other time.

Avocado makes everything better. Plus, it makes me feel less guilty about the heart-attack-inducing remainder of the meal.

If you’re in West End late-night, get some baleadas from the ladies on the beach at Half Moon Bay, just across the street from Cocoloco gift shop.

They start the grill up early and it always tastes and smells d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.

Roatan street food

Street Tacos in Roatan

The guy who sets up in the parking lot at night in front of Mares/the duty free shop in West End cooks up some serious meat.

You will regret it if you don’t take advantage of his 3 tacos for $2.50. Totally worth it!

And you can’t miss him, what with his neon sign he hangs up and his yelling, “tacotacotaco!” all the way down the street.

[edit: Rika from Cubicle Throwdown pointed out that I may get a great local discount here as the regular price is $5 for 3 tacos…still worth it!]

Banana Donuts

Everybody who comes to Roatan meets the Banana Donut Guy. He sells them out of a big container that he totes around all day every day.

You’ll hear him from far away, “Ba-naaaa-na DONUTS!” This guy is legendary. He has a Santa Claus beard and is just as jovial.

You are required to eat at least one of his donuts while you’re here, although the 3 for $5 deal is pretty great as well.

He’s usually in West Bay most of the day, sometimes he finds his way to West End as well.

Extra bonus: you can actually buy a t-shirt or tank top with the Banana Donut Guy’s face (with his permission, don’t worry)!

Head to West Bay Mall and check out So Tropic.

Roatan street food

Baked goods

I realize this probably doesn’t qualify as real street food since there is a physical location for the bakery, but Lisa walks around West End every morning with tons of breakfast goodies.

She owns Fresh Bakery in Sandy Bay (which you should also visit for the fabulous offerings she isn’t able to carry around, like smoothies and enchiladas and omelettes!).

She hits all the dive shops before the first dive heads out, so don’t be afraid to snag a sandwich or a muffin before you go!

Eating Mangos in Roatan

If you see someone selling small plastic bags filled with sliced up mango (usually a bright yellow hue), BUY ONE.

So fresh, so delicious.

It’s especially great for a beach snack when the sun is high and you need some cool, sweet refreshment. I’ve seen people selling in both West End and West Bay, so just keep an eye out.

What are some of your favorite street foods in Roatan? Let me know if I’ve missed something great!

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