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Roatan’s 8th Annual Dive Shop Olympics

SOL Foundation

After nearly a month of competitions and fundraisers, the 8th Annual Golden Buoy Dive Shop Olympics is coming up to its final event. This Saturday, June 6th, head over to Bananarama in West Bay to witness – or participate in – the most grueling evening of activities yet. The Dive Shop Olympics culminate in a pentathlon of events to push each dive shop to their physical and emotional limits. (Guys, that’s a joke. There’s nothing physically grueling here, just some good old fashioned fun!)

Starting at 5pm on Saturday evening, all participating dive shops will enter their 5-member teams into the final event. Here are the competitions that will take place:

  1. Two team members will join their legs in a 3-legged snorkel, which should be easier than the 3-legged pub crawl that caused more than one tumble.
  2. All five team members will join their muscles in a team tug-of-war, battling against their opponents to avoid eating sand.
  3. All five team members will act like children in the beach dig, tying to be the first to dig and crawl under the strategically laid poles across the beach.
  4. A single team member will race against time and accuracy in the speed SCUBA equipment set-up. Rumor has it there is one man to beat: Mal from Sun Divers. Beat him, and apparently you are Super(wo)man.
  5. A single team member will expand his or her stomach in an eating competition. While it has been hot dogs in years past, there are rumors that it might possibly be hard-boiled eggs this year…eek.

Even if a dive shop did not host an individual event, they can still participate in the Olympics. Teams of five will pay $50 to enter the competition, and individuals may also compete in individual events for $10 per event. If an individual wins a competition, he or she will choose which dive shop will benefit from those points. The winning team gets the equivalent of $500 worth of fundraising points added to their cumulative total. The runner-up team gets $250 worth of fundraising points.

The SOL Foundation representatives will total all points by the end of the Olympics competition and the winner of the 8th Annual Golden Buoy Dive Shop Olympics will be announced!

Bananarama has graciously offered to host this wonderful event, and they are also offering a free shuttle from West End starting around 4pm on Saturday. They also offered a separate bar strictly to benefit the SOL Foundation, and there will be a beach BBQ with hot dogs and hamburgers also benefiting SOL Foundation. Golden Buoy SOL Foundation t-shirts and tank tops will also be available for purchase for $15 each.

The SOL Foundation uses the funds raised during this annual event for several different projects, so if you’re interested in finding out the particulars of their 2015 work, be sure to pay attention to their presentation that night at Bananarama. They have an amazing project ready and waiting for these funds to get started that will be a huge benefit to the community – be sure to find out more Saturday night at their presentation at Bananarama.

If you cannot attend this incredible event in person, keep in mind you can still support your favorite dive shop by donating to www.solroatan.org and specifying which dive shop is to benefit from your donation. All donations are tax deductible in the U.S. and any donations made up until Saturday evening will be added to the totals for this year’s Olympics.

Remember, this is an annual event, so you can strategically plan your visit to Roatan for late May/early June to catch this fun every year!


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