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Six months ago, I fell in love (cue the corny cliches…)

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I’ve told this story countless times, but I guess it’s about time I introduce the blogosphere to the real reason why I stayed here in Roatan. Yes, it is a beautiful island and, yes, there are many reasons to live here. But here is mine:

I met a guy.


I know, I know, how cliche right?? Go to a beautiful island, meet a hottie on the beach, and then spend your days lazing in the sun and frolicking in the surf. A la every book written about every solo female traveler ever.

Case in point.

Case in point.

How stupidly cute.

But seriously, that actually is my life.

I met him on the beach. We chatted, we parted ways, we bumped into each other again getting coffee, we met up for dinner and talked for hours and hours.

Cliche sparks flying!

Cliche sparks flying!

I only planned on being here for five days, so I had to decide: continue on my planned solo trip to maintain my beloved independence, or stay with him to see what could happen. So obviously I pretended like I was in a movie: I called all of my girlfriends for advice, I played sappy love songs, I wrote countless lists of pros and cons…

Absolutely not. (C’mon, people, who actually does that in real life?!)

I really didn’t put any thought into it at all. Didn’t need to!

Within a week of meeting him, we were living together in his little studio apartment. I guess we both figured if we were going to try this, we were going to really try it since I was only staying here because of him. Oh and to add to that, his friend who works with the Roatan Humane Society told us about this dog he’d found and taken care of, but he still needed to find her a good home. So within a week and one day of meeting him, we lived together and had a dog (you’ve all met Lina by now).

Nothing about this is normal, I am fully aware of that. But I’m not normal and, trust me, neither is he!

So here we are, six months later. We live in a fantastic apartment right on the beach, Lina loves having her own bed and chasing crabs in the sand, we’ve had lots of friends and family visit us already, and I’m just enjoying my own little paradise. This might not have been the plan – at all – but I couldn’t be happier that I threw that plan completely out the window.