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Surprise! We’re on House Hunters International in Roatan!

One of the really amazing things to come from this blog (other than getting involved with International Living Magazine and meeting some really cool people) was being contacted by House Hunters International to do an episode. We filmed a loooooong time ago, but it’s finally airing soon!


While the air date could change last-minute, it’s finally posted on the HGTV site and the premiere airing date is Friday, October 17th, at 10:30pm EST. Yes, we will be having some sort of viewing party. Bonus: it will be in Boston with all my family! That happens to be the end of our second Epic Adventure (posts coming soon), which is absolutely perfect timing to share this fun experience with my family at home.

Be sure to tune in to see how cheesy we look! It was so much fun to film and we’re excited to see the final result. Thanks to everyone who participated with us 🙂 Get ready for your close-up!