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[Infographic] How to Survive Working from Home

how to survive working from home - My Kind of Monday

This guest post comes to you from Connor at My Kind of Monday. I saw his infographic and just had to share it with you guys. Here he is to explain the pitfalls of working from home, and how you can avoid them. Enjoy!

It can be incredibly exciting making the decision to work from home. The flexibility in being able to work your own schedule and set your own deadlines is often what attracts people to freelancing from home.

Furthermore, many people enjoy being their own boss and not having anyone to answer to, other than any potential clients.

However, the reality of working from home can often be far from the dream. Setting your own deadlines can be attractive, but if you don’t quite have your head in the game, then it can lead to a severe lack of productivity.

As well as possible problems with being productive and motivated, not having a boss can also throw you off track due to the lack of direction. Sometimes, an authoritative figure is needed to make sure things are ticking along nicely. Yes, it might just be that you’ll end up missing your boss!

For the introverts, working on your own at home can be very appealing as you don’t have to face anyone. The truth is, both introverts and extroverts can soon get lonely working away from a bustling office environment. From time to time, it’s great to be able to take five minutes to chat to your colleagues.

We’re not attempting to put you off working from home at all. There are huge upsides to freelancing this way. It’s simply important to understand that there’s no simple way to do it. It’ll require a good amount of planning, and you’ll need to be tough on yourself at times.

That’s why we’ve created this infographic on how to survive working from home. You’ll learn how to get the best out of yourself and hopefully pick up on some new resources.

how to survive working from home - My Kind of Monday


About the Author: Connor is a full-time freelancer. With a degree in translation, Connor focusses on content and social media strategy, as well as writing for his blog, My Kind of Monday. You can follow My Kind of Monday on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for sharing with us, Connor! 

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