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The Sad Part of Island Living

While we are SO excited about our upcoming 6-week trip, there is a major downside. By the time we get back to our little island paradise, many of our friends here will be gone. That’s the way it is in Roatan – people come and people go in a constant rotation. Six weeks is such a long time that there will be many others who come and go in the meantime and we will never even meet them!

It seems that August is the end of the line for most people here. By September 1st, West End will look very different. Regular faces will have moved on to Thailand, or Panama, or home for a quick visit before some other location strikes a chord. The Thailand/Roatan trade-off is fairly popular as both offer cheap living and they are both diving meccas with plenty of opportunities for work in the industry.

Who knows, maybe we’ll head that way someday, too! But for now, the plan is to come back here in October and see what high season has in store for us. High season is November to April more or less, and this year could be a busy one with all the new things Ocean Connections has in store. We will definitely have to hit the ground running when we come back, and I guess we’ll have to run with a new crowd, too.

To those who will be gone before we return, que les vaya bien! I’m sure we’ll see you again in some other place in some other time where we can share a drink and a story or two.

To those few who will be here to welcome us back in October, keep the beers cold and the bar seats warm. Rainy season will be in full swing and we’ll be ready to catch up on everything!