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The world is covered in glitter

after the rain

Have you ever noticed? After stormy weather, the first sunlight that breaks through in the morning glitters. We’ve had typical tropical weather recently, with a giant storm cloud rolling through and pelting us with fat drops of rain and then continuing along as though nothing had happened. But after a night of rain, the morning sunlight enhances everything your eye touches.

It shimmers as it dances through the leaves on the trees, the blades of grass in the lawn, and the bits of shells and coral strewn along the beach. It’s the second best kind of light. The first is the golden light as the sun starts to set and angles perfectly against buildings and palm trees and finds pockets of space to glide golden rays through. But a close second is that stunning shimmering morning light after a rainstorm. The world glitters. Grass and leaves grow brighter and more vibrant neon green. The jungle awakens refreshed and the world feels cleansed.

Maybe you haven’t noticed the jungle but, wherever you are, I still bet the world shines brighter and the sunlight splashes glitter across your home. Take a look after the next rainstorm and tell me if it isn’t true….you’ll see the world is covered in glitter.