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Top 10 Reasons Why I LOVE Working From Home

why I love working from home

While I don’t do it every day – what with cafes to be enjoyed, interviews to conduct, and socializing to do – I’m working from home several days a week now. After a few months of this, I’ve gotten into a fabulous lack of routine filled with reasons why I love this work style.

Here are my top 10 reasons why I love working from home:

#10 – I have no official start time. No need to wake up early to shower, eat breakfast, get ready, and rush to the office, just to make sure I’m there at an appointed hour. Not having a specific time to report to duty means I can get those extra valuable minutes of sleep on the days I need them. Those days happen! And if my eyes are barely staying open, how productive will I be anyway? The extra sleep increases my productivity, rather than making me drag my sleepy butt into an office to stare blankly at the computer for the first hour until I can get my life together and actually start working. No punch clock = awesome.

#9 – I wear whatever I want. I know, super cliche, right? But seriously…it’s amazing. Sometimes I wear my pajamas all day (that’s the current situation), sometimes I wear normal clothes, sometimes I wear a bathing suit. Hell, sometimes I shower and just sit in my towel for a few hours. Just because I can.

#8 – I can hang out with my dog, who conveniently doesn’t contribute to any sort of office gossip or drama. She’s a great coworker because I can talk through my ideas with at her and she just smiles at me, reassuring me that I am in fact a genius. A genius who hands out Beggin Strips. I may or may not buy her love. The only drama she causes is when I’m on a call and she barks at the gardener (sometimes she decides she just doesn’t like him…but only sometimes).

#7 – I save so much money on lunch! While I tried to be good and bring lunch into work all the time, there were plenty of days I just didn’t get my act together. Or days the scents of restaurants wafted through my window, forcing me to buy their damn deliciousness. And – bonus!I eat much healthier at home because I can cook a whole fresh meal instead of just cramming something in the 15 minutes I’ve managed to escape my desk.

#6 – I can keep the house clean(er). I do the dishes while I leisurely make breakfast or lunch. I sweep the sand- and fur-covered floors as I’m brainstorming new ideas. I don’t have a 10-hour block of time away from home now, so even if I work for 8 hours like I used to, I still have those extra hours when I’m not commuting or getting ready for work that I can use around the house. It makes home feel better, which makes me feel better. I hate the feeling of being tired from work and then having to do chores. UGH.

#5 – I don’t waste time on silly distractions. Offices come with meetings and constant interruptions, while at home I can turn off my phone, ignore the world, and focus without interruption for as long as I need to do so. The serenity is incredible. And the focus! I never knew this could happen! Sure, I still get distracted by social media (friggin Facebook is a time-suck), but it’s infinitely easier to get work done in large blocks without friends swinging by to chat or coworkers asking endless questions. Oh, and don’t even get me started on meetings! Don’t waste my time calling a meeting to discuss a future meeting wherein we might plan for a hypothetical future situation. What. The. Eff.

#4 – I don’t just have one desk. I sit at the kitchen table sometimes, and then shift to the couch, or to my bed, or to the patio table. I’m not nearly as confined as I was at my office desk. Changing it up helps fuel more creativity and it reenergizes me.

#3 – Nobody drinks the coffee but me! I get the whole pot to myself! Seriously, this is amazing.

#2 – I can take dance breaks any time I want! I mean, I could’ve done that in the office, too, but it’s really just not the same as dancing around your living room.

And the number one reason why I love working from home? My time is my own.

#1 – I don’t have Office Hours restricting me. Sometimes I’m really not in a productive mood in the morning, or in the afternoon, or whenever that general ennui strikes (don’t act like you don’t have those moments). Working from home allows me to use the hours when I am being productive to actually get work done – whenever they might happen. I’m not restricted to set times for work so I’m also not wasting time when I’m just not ready to get down to business. If I feel a surge of creativity at 7pm, no problem! I end up doing the same number of hours (ish) I used to do in an office. But now I can linger over a cup of coffee and a chat with a friend without worrying who’s monitoring how long I’ve been away from my desk. I can go out for an afternoon on the beach, knowing that the same work will be waiting for me after sunset and I can just get it done then instead of wasting sunlight. I have the freedom and flexibility to determine my own day. I am in charge of my own life. That’s an incredibly refreshing concept for a recovering American perfectionist.