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Vacation Property Manager, at your service!

Remember when I did a four-day stint with Roatan Life earlier this year? Well it kind of gave me some street cred to get my new job working as a property manager for a single vacation home! Not too shabby, huh? My friend Kelly, who works for Clinica Esperanza and does amazing work over there, was also managing this rental property for a while. She is now way too busy to handle all of it, so when she decided she needed to bow out she very kindly recommended me to step in. As previously discussed, living in Roatan is not super cheap. So a second job with a schedule I can work around my first job is perfect! And currently, all the extra income is going toward our fabulous upcoming trip.



The house is right on the water between West End and West Bay. It’s called L’Alize, which means the trade winds, and it’s no joke. The breeze through this place is incredible! One of my favorite things about living in Roatan is the geographical diversity. This house rests on a hill overlooking the ocean where beach and iron shore meet. It’s surrounded by lush jungle, yet it’s only about 4 minutes away from all of West Bay with restaurants, bars, shopping, and activities. Having such a mix is ideal for me, I love the views from among the tall trees, but I need the sand and sound of the waves.


View from the dining room

I mean, really, come on, look at this beach!

I mean, really, come on, look at this beach!

In case you're not a sand person, there's also a pool.

In case you’re not a sand person, there’s also a pool!

I’ve been really lucky on the job front, and the luck just keeps on rolling in. I love all of these new experiences I’m having and all of the weird things I’m learning (FYI, fixing appliances and cars on a developing island = challenging!) and the interesting people I’m meeting. Consider me a happy girl!