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Working on the Road

working on the road

Freelance writing is new to me as of this year, so it’s been a steep learning curve in terms of finding clients, diversifying my portfolio, and actually making enough money to pay my bills. As a self-motivated worker I’ve been able to manage my own time fairly well – of course I have days I get distracted by social media, or my dog, or the sunshine – but for the most part I’ve been able to balance work and play as a self-employed freelance writer.

Now I’m learning that I have absolutely no ability to balance my freelance work with travel. To be fair, I am still completing all of my assignments and projects for paying clients – I haven’t dropped the ball there at all. But obviously I haven’t been posting much on this blog, nor have I been proactively pitching new outlets or expanding my services much over the last month. I’ve been bouncing around enjoying time with family and friends while sneaking in a few hours here and there to get tasks completed.

While at home I am able to create a routine of sorts, so far in the past week I have worked from a friend’s condo in Virginia, a Starbucks in DC, another friend’s house elsewhere in Virginia, and another friend’s apartment in DC. Before the end of this week I’ll be adding in a few more locations. The diversity is fun, but clearly not an excellent way to keep up with multiple projects at once.

So for anyone still waiting for an email response from me, I apologize!

I sincerely value my time spent with loved ones and I try to enjoy each moment as much as possible. That often means that the inbox grows bigger and my priorities have to focus on my clients. After all, someone still has to pay those bills!

Until I find a better balance while working on the road, please bear with me. I promise I always reply to every single email I receive from readers! And if you have a pressing question that’s time sensitive, just let me know in your subject line so I can try to help you out in time.

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Happy travels, everyone!

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