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A Day in the Life on Roatan: Working from Anywhere

It’s just another day in paradise. In case you missed it last week, I’ve decided to basically give you a daily diary once a week so you see what regular life is like here on Roatan. Here was last week’s post featuring my day working from home.

Today, however, I ventured away from my personal little paradise I call home. Today, I had to seek out internet service elsewhere because mine is still down. Alas, being forced to spend your day working from cafés and dive shops cannot truly be considered exile.

I woke up early this morning to eat breakfast with the Irish-Colombian and take care of Lina before we left her to guard the house all day (translation: sleep in various spots around the house). Just a typical morning of sipping a cup of tea while walking the beach with the dog, looking for crabs to chase and shells to sniff.

Hop on the scooter and away we go! West End wakes up early on cruise ship days, so when we arrive just before 8am, everything is already in full swing. We zoom down the beach to his dive ship, Roatan Divers, and park next to the chickens roaming around. Say good morning to all the neighbors, pat the shop cats, and then it’s time to get to work!

I head off to West End Divers to say hi to everyone and then loop back down the street to check out the new bakery in town: Sandy Buns Bakery. Their smoothies and fresh fruit juices look amazing, but I just ate so I’ll have to pop back another time.

I head to Coconut Tree to meet up with a friend for coffee and to chat about his business. Like the big kid he is, he tells me about his bike ride yesterday and orders some chocolate chip pancakes. Of course, that bike ride was about 40 miles to Oakridge and back so I think he earned the sugar rush to ensue. What a nut! But this is the same guy who also paddleboarded to Utila. Yeah. Think about that. More to come on him in a later post!

After sufficiently caffeinating myself I head back to Roatan Divers to mooch off their wifi and get some work done. Using a laptop is so much more efficient than working from my phone!

Several hours of fairly decent productivity later (I sent out all those projects I’d worked on in Word while suffering from no internet at home and caught up on mountains of emails, so that’s fun!), it was time to close up shop and hit the bar.

Away to Sundowners we zoomed for beers on the beach at sunset, although it was quite hazy so not your picture perfect one: just a vibrant red ball in the sky disappearing behind some clouds above the horizon. Typical.

Rachel met us around 6:30, after finishing her massages and heading over from West Bay. No, she wasn’t getting multiple massages and chilling on the beach all day, guys. She’s a masseuse and had a few clients booked for the afternoon. She just moved here after following her heart and her dreams. And it shows! She was grinning ear-to-ear all night. I love seeing people happy!

We’re pushing Lina’s limits by this point so it’s time to head home and let her run around outside for a bit. Pasta dinner for us, crunchy dog food for her, and we all slip into a food coma for the night.

What a beautiful island day to celebrate the Annexation of the Bay Islands Day (apparently it’s April 22nd and I missed the memo, but I’ll remember the holiday next year!). Happy days, everyone!