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My name is Amanda Walkins. I’m an expat writer and blogger creating content for clients around the world. If you’re looking for travel- and expat-related themes for your website, newsletter, blog, or guidebook, head to my Work With Me page for details.

Here on my blog, you’ll find more personal articles covering my expat life and travels. Moving overseas to become an expat is a life-changing, challenging, and absolutely enlightening experience.

If you’re thinking of moving overseas, I can help. On my blog, you’ll find general advice, country-specific expat resources, and stories from other expats and myself.

expat writer and blogger

I consider myself to be a serial expat. 

I studied in Bilbao, Spain, and then I taught English in Otavalo, Ecuador.

I stumbled upon love on the Caribbean island of Roatan, Honduras. There’s plenty to that story, which you can watch on House Hunters International! But, basically, I was on vacation and met a guy my first day, so I didn’t go home. (Spoiler alert: It worked out!)

We got married in enchanting Edinburgh, the Festival City. Living in Scotland for over a year was a far cry from our beachfront island life. But it was worth the changes in order to be closer to family and friends.

That’s the thing with expat life, you need to compromise and decide what suits you best, given all the options.

From Scotland, we headed to the countryside of lovely Ireland where we stayed for free! If you’re considering moving overseas, a long-term housesitting opportunity could be ideal for a trial run. You’ll have the chance to live like a local and to truly understand the country before diving into a lease or real estate transaction.

From Ireland, we headed back to our beloved sunshine and island lifestyle! We lived in Mediterranean Malta, where the sun shines 300 days a year. Living 2 blocks from the sea and enjoying a rooftop patio and balcony at our apartment, we savored the sunshine!

Since then, we spent several months back in the US with my family and friends before returning to Scotland for more time with his. That started us on a long-term housesitting jaunt, starting around Edinburgh.

We then spent the summer housesitting in London, and then three months housesitting in Northern Spain.

Now, we’re back in Scotland for a long-term stay!

Edinburgh wedding

I sincerely believe that expats make the best tourists.

Expats delve deeper into our host country’s culture than a tourist is able to do. We also appreciate a locale more than a native tends to, just because everything is new and exciting!

I love to share the entertaining and inspiring moments of my expat life. Sometimes, I’ll also let you know about the tough parts. But, mostly, I think it’s important to share the facts and then to share the good stuff.

Look – there is plenty of negative crap to read about in the news and on many other blogs. But you won’t find me complaining (often) about places or businesses here. Just because I don’t like something certainly doesn’t mean you won’t!

In fact, some of the things that I absolutely hate will be things that you might unabashedly love. We’re all unique, so let’s embrace that.

On that note, I love that travel creates bonds between different cultures and countries.

Exploring the Three Cities in Malta

Travel connects people on common humanity.

Living overseas as an expat grants you a unique perspective into another culture and another way of life.

If you’re lucky enough to be welcomed into another country to live, it becomes your responsibility to learn about your new home. Show interest, ask questions, try to learn the local lingo! It’s all part of the adventure.

Enjoying the views of the Grand Harbour in Malta from the Three Cities

I’d be happy to have you join me on my wonderful expat journey.

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Enchanted Forest Pitlochry 2016

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