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All about expat life from expat writer Amanda WalkinsIf you’re thinking of becoming an expat, there is so much information to take in that you might feel utterly overwhelmed. Moving anywhere can be a challenge, even if it’s just around the corner. But moving to another country comes with so many more questions to be answered.

One of the first things you need to think about are the legal implications of an overseas move – do you require a visa? Can you work legally? What are the requirements for residency? These are all individual for your particular country.

Other important factors in your move overseas include healthcare, job opportunities, language, local integration and culture shock, among many others.

You’ll find ample information here to help you to navigate these many obstacles. And if you’re ever in need of particular expat advice, feel free to contact me directly.

I’ve been an expat in several countries now, but the bulk of relevant stories and resources are for these three:

Roatan, Honduras: Look through my Roatan-specific information here

Malta: You can explore Malta here

Scotland: This is my husband’s home country (sort of), so we regularly find ourselves living here. Find out all about it here.

Expat Resources

After moving to multiple countries and encountering many interesting (and often confusing) scenarios, I understand you might need some good old fashioned advice from someone who’s already walked that path you’re starting. Take a look through my expat resources for tips on becoming an expat, dealing with common expat issues, and general expat life advice.

From harsh truths about expat life in general, to work opportunities found around the world, you’ll find ideas and resources here to help you to become an expat and to continue your expat journey wherever the wind blows.

From someone who’s been there and done that, trust me when I say that no two expat experiences are alike. So while these expat resources and tips may help or at least make you laugh, you should be prepared for your own individual journey to unfold in any manner of different ways.

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Expat Stories

I adore talking to other expats to learn their stories. Stories of love, ambition, or age-old itchy feet…they all make me smile. Read through some expat stories I’ve written for other outlets as a freelance writer. And if you want to share your expat story, feel free to contact me!

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My Expat Life

I have lived in multiple different countries for various reasons. Take a look through some of my experiences if you’d like to understand my expat life and the adventures I’ve had the privilege to have.

After growing up in the U.S., I studied in Spain and then taught English in Ecuador. I inadvertently found love in Honduras and then we moved to bonnie Scotland. From there we headed to the Irish countryside for a long-term housesitting opportunity. And, now, we live on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

Come along for our crazy wild ride!

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Looking for more? Let me know what you need to get started with your expat life or to continue your expat journey. I’m always happy to help!