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A Quick Visit to the Three Cities in Malta

Fort St. Angelo Birgu Malta

On the other side of the Grand Harbour from Valletta, you’ll find an area called the Three Cities. Their history goes back to Phoenician times – the area has always been a popular maritime community. But even if you’re not a history buff, at least make a quick visit to the Three Cities in Malta to […]

Daily Life as an Expat in Malta: Chores and Errands

Sunset over St Pauls Bay and Bugibba Malta

Chores and errands…definitely not an exciting topic of conversation! But, then again, life is life everywhere, right? So whether you’re an expat in an exotic locale or you’ve never left your hometown, you’ll be doing chores and errands no matter what. Here’s what that looks like for an expat in Malta. Expat Life in Malta […]

Visit Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary in Malta

Noahs Ark Dog Sanctuary Malta

One of the most important parts of becoming an expat is getting involved in your new local community. It’s why I talked about the coastal cleanup and World Oceans Day earlier this year. It’s also why I volunteered with the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home back in Scotland. And it’s what brought us to Noah’s […]

When Friends Visit Your Expat Home

Scuba diving in Malta

When friends visit your expat home, you turn into a de facto tour guide. It’s one of my favorite parts of being a serial expat – I get to continuously learn about new places and then to share that insight with some of my favorite people. We’ve only been living in Malta for a few […]

Daily Life as an Expat in Malta: Walking Around Qawra

Walking around Qawra from Bugibba in Malta

The area of Malta that we live in is called St. Paul’s Bay. It’s in the northern part of the island of Malta and is a more recently developed area, being primarily built up in the 1960s and later. Part of this area is called Bugibba, which is the area we live in specifically. Alongside […]

Enjoy History at the In Guardia Parade in Valletta

In Guardia Parade in Valletta Malta

If you haven’t yet noticed, I’m a bit of a history nerd. It’s inherited – my dad’s favorite line to say is: “Did you know…” followed by a fact or story of interest. I’ve taken on that tendency, but you can’t keep saying, “Did you know?” without following it up with interesting facts! And so, […]