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Semana Santa in Roatan

beachfront hotel Roatan

Semana Santa in Roatan is one of the busiest weeks in the whole year. Tourists flock to the beaches, music fills the air, and accommodation prices soar. Whether you want to join in on the fun or avoid it completely, it helps to understand what Semana Santa is like in Roatan.

How to Move to Roatan: Minimizing and Getting Rid of All the Stuff

In case you missed the other parts in this series on How to Move to Roatan, here’s Finding Housing, Working Abroad, Families With Children, and Safety Concerns. People contact me all the time asking for advice on how to minimize their “stuff.” When considering an international move, understanding what is important and what is simply […]

My Island Life Is Not Normal

I’m sitting here thinking about a new blog post to write, thinking, ‘There’s nothing else to write about!’ And then I look around and remember that my life is not what most people would consider “normal.” I’m on the balcony of a third story building at the top of a hill overlooking the western tip […]

The New International Living Roatan Correspondent

International Living Roatan Correspondent

BIG NEWS! I’ve just signed and sent the contract so it’s official: I am the new International Living Roatan Correspondent. After writing for them intermittently over the last year and a half, I’ve been offered the opportunity to become their official Roatan Correspondent, meaning they have someone writing about Roatan regularly who lives here, works […]

Island Advice: Avoid the Potholes

I had a bit of a scare today. I was driving my scooter on a bright, sunny day, heading off to a series of meetings and fun events for the rest of the afternoon. Unfortunately, while I had planned ahead for those activities, I hadn’t planned on hitting a ginormous pothole in the road and […]